What’s a “sarma” burger? Well, it’s available at Fratburger

What’s a “sarma” burger? Well, it’s available at Fratburger

In what is one of Waterloo Region’s more unusual burgers, Fratburger offers its unique sarma burger to those in love with grilled or fried protein between pieces of bread. It’s one of the popular venue’s new burger menu items.

Sarma is a staple in Balkan, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern countries such as Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia and others, as well as places such as Turkey. It is usually a rolled dish — the ingredient that is rolled is often a grape leaf or some cabbage.

Inside the roll is delicious minced meat of a porcine, bovine, ovine or perhaps caprine natural, along with herbs and other seasonings. The Croatian version, as just one example, may remind you of cabbage rolls you may have had in Waterloo Region. Paprika is an important ingredient.

The Fratburger sarma burger is beef, rice, onion and paprika which is then topped with lettuce, tomato and mayo ($4.99; you can then add additional toppings). Reports from the restaurant are that it is a Czech-inspired burger.

[Sarma burger image/Fratburger]


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