Weekend Resto Picks

Feeling the pinch? Has the Bank’s hand been in your pocket? The Taxman made your wallet feel a little lighter than usual? By the end of the week, we may not feel as financially well endowed as we had hoped. Planning ahead to budget for a dinner or meal out isn’t always the easiest either.

Luckily there are plenty of inexpensive restaurants to choose from in Waterloo Region. Remember, inexpensive doesn’t mean cheap. High quality and flavourful dishes can still be found in a lower price bracket.

Korean BBQ
265 King Street E, Kitchener
(519) 568-7111

A small restaurant tucked away in Kitchener’s “Hong Kong Plaza” provides some of the best authentic Korean food in Waterloo Region. Lots of food with sides (banchan) of rice and kimchi, Korean BBQ is a perfect choice for anyone looking for flavour-packed cooking on a budget.

Rainbow Caribbean Cuisine
29 King Street E, Kitchener
(519) 579-2618

In the heart of the downtown, Rainbow has found its place providing inexpensive Caribbean cuisine. Oxtail, goat, and ackee are some of the more traditional dishes on the menu alongside the always delicious jerk chicken.

Sonny’s Drive-In
256 Weber Street N, Waterloo
(519) 884-1750

A staple in the Waterloo community, Sonny’s is a classic spot for burgers and fries, fish and chips, and hot dogs. With a burger, fries, and fountain pop under $10, Sonny’s is perfect for a cheap meal on their patio in this weekend’s warm, sunny weather.


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