We eat too much

We eat too much

Part of the problem with our food system is that we eat too much. Though I try to watch it carefully, I’m pretty sure that I do.

We expend a lot of energy growing, processing and making food that is, in many cases, often far more than we really need to eat in order to survive and thrive — and even enjoy, we could add. Over decades, things have gotten out of control (except for the cute little mini-cupcake, pictured above). We have simply been trained and conditioned to not only eat the wrong kinds of things but to eat them in super-sized large quantities. It isn’t sustainable on many levels.

Just as a starting point, an active male between the ages 31-50 requires about 2900 calories, per day; a female 31-50 years old, needs 2250. Many people are consuming much more than that. So, below is a link to an app that will show you what 200 calories of food looks like.

It may surprise you as you eat the second half of that blueberry muffin.

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