This weekend: keep your fork, cuz there’s pie

This weekend: keep your fork, cuz there’s pie

They say around these parts (well, at times): “Keep your fork. There’s pie.” It’s always a good suggestion.

The idea of pie goes back a very long time in our culinary history, and it has an ornithological connection too. There is a definite relationship between pie and the bird known as a magpie (the origin of the word magpie comes from “pica” — and has nothing to do with the so-named eating disorder), so you can see the evolution): some 500 years ago, someone in England decided that s/he’d make a pastry crust that looked like a magpie’s nest and fill it with savoury and sweet tidbits.

Lemon meringue pie: aesthetics and great taste (Photo: WREats).

The arcane history aside, here are a few suggestions for pie for this weekend.

[As always, please check with individual venues for hours of operation and availability of dishes.]



Just Love Pie by Sweet and Savoury Pie Co. (Uptown Waterloo)
Dubbed a “new cafe-style pie eatery.” That sounds about right.


Anna Mae’s Bakery (Millbank)
Something of a pie Mecca with dozens of selections — and it has appeared on “Ya Gotta Eat Here!” to boot.


Lancaster Co.’s Crumb Bake House (Kitchener)
A pretty exciting and new adjunct of the famous Lancaster Smokehouse in the Bridgeport neighbourhood of Kitchener: check them out for a selection of a dozen or so pies and other baked goods.


[Banner image: my mom’s peach pie]


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