There is No Corn in Corned Beef

There is No Corn in Corned Beef

There is no corn in corned beef. None.

The term refers to the curing process and specifically small bits of salt which are used to prepare and cure the protein.


What it comes down to is this: there is a very old English word, corn, that is related to the word particle — just like the particles of salt (lots and lots of particles of salt, in fact) in the brine which treats the brisket which in turn ends up as your cured brisket Reuben or corned beef sandwich, or Montreal smoked meat.

Now, if you happen to want a Reuben or some sort of sandwich that has corned beef, one suggestion is to visit Breadbaron Sandwiches located with the upstairs food vendors at the Kitchener Market. They do good stuff!

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