The Falls Road joins Victoria Street food hub

The Falls Road joins Victoria Street food hub

It’s a major road running through Belfast, Northern Ireland, and one freighted with the political, religious and social strife of its era, but we can offer its much less historic namesake a hearty welcome here in Kitchener: The Falls Road Irish pub is now open on Victoria Street North just about at Lancaster Avenue.

The new venture has been in business for only a matter of several weeks, but as they find their feet they could fit in nicely within the small food hub in the area of the intersection: Mei King a few blocks south on Margaret Avenue, Jimmy’s Lunch, Descendants Brewery, Public Restaurant, Sam’s Kitchen and David’s Fries.

May the road rise up to meet you (Photo: WREats).

The pub is relatively small — the building, if I’m not mistaken, was once some sort of garage for the former Hogg Fuel company. There is parking around the back and side of the building.

The menu has the usual pub fare — steak and Guinness pie, fish and chips, a burger, mac-and-cheese, as well as curry and chips and boxty, the latter essentially a delicious fried potato pancake that is rarely found in the area. Same with the pastie, an Irish meat-and-veg stuffed pastry.

There’s a Belfast dinner (a minced meat stew with soda bread), and I saw a sidewalk sandwich-board sign for a weekend Belfast breakfast: that includes black and white pudding — and it’s an all-day offering too.

 Otherwise, there’s a $10 bar menu on selected days, while beers are conventional offerings, with a pint of Guinness at $7.05. There will be regular entertainment, including open mic night. A Pogues and MacGowan tune was playing in the dining room when I visited.

Just a note: Bloomsday, celebrating James Joyce’s Ulysses, is June 16 — and this would be a good place to go for bit of Irish.

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