Terrific Tarragon

Terrific Tarragon

Perhaps known as a major flavour of the French classic BĂ©arnaise sauce, the egg yolk, shallot, vinegar and wine reduction that accompanies meat, fish and vegetables, tarragon is terrific in its anise-like flavour.

Tarragon 1

Tarragon: delicate but powerful flavour (Photo: WREats).

The long, narrow leaves of French tarragon usually have a relatively dark colour, and though those leaves are delicate they pack a lot of flavour and can overwhelm some dishes when applied with too strong a hand. Tarragon is also great for making infused vinegars.

The organic tarragon ($3 a bunch) pictured here is from a farmer (Farmer Gerber, I believe? They also sell eggs) at the Kitchener Market.

Simply delicious and very versatile!

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