Sweet but mostly sour Borettane onions

Sweet but mostly sour Borettane onions

Boretto, Italy, is located in the food Mecca of Emilia-Romagna, which includes the cities of Bologna and Parma. The region is located in the northeast of the country, with Boretto just about smack dab between the two coasts and the north.

Now, given that Modena — famous for balsamic vinegar — is also a part of the area, it’s no surprise that Borettane onions hail from there too.

Tart balsamic onions (Photo: WREats).

Akin to a cipollini but not quite as flat, the Borettane is a small pearl onion, a straw-yellow colour, that is marinated in the balsamic. The result is a truly delicious and tart onion whose acidity I could see as a salad ingredient but is probably perfect with a plate of salty cured meats, sharp cheese and good bread. And a glass of Barbera or Sangiovese, of course.

I found a jar of Borettanes at Waterloo’s Vincenzo’s.

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