Step away from the omelette pan: you probably are doing it wrong

Step away from the omelette pan: you probably are doing it wrong

A classic and ancient dish — and one designed to test the mettle of a cook — the problem with omelettes today is that they are over-wrought, bloated and their simplicity is ruined.

The omelette is a combination of only a few ingredients: eggs, butter, some salt and pepper, perhaps a few herbs and maybe a bit of cheese. If it is four inches high and bursting with so many ingredients that you can’t taste the egg, then it is not an omelette; It’s something else. An omelette is an egg dish and that’s what you should taste.

Eggs are international and therefore so are omelettes. Each country, from the Chinese egg foo young to the Italitan frittata, has its own version — and they are all quite tasty, too.

While it’s understandable that the dozens of local restaurants that serve omelettes have to bulk them up enormously to feed their customers, they still are more than an omelette — they are more like a casserole on a plate.

Omelettes, to be true to their origins in the classic sense, should be simple. They are a matter of a couple of simple flavours and a couple of textures.

Don’t over-beat the eggs, just get them incorporated by stirring them around a bit. Don’t cook the eggs too far; the centre should be a bit runny, the edges lightly curled and crisp. You should really only be tasting eggs and butter.

If that isn’t good enough for you … please step away from the omelette pan.

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