Some local butchers

Some local butchers

The original butchers — bouchiers — only slaughtered and sold goat meat (which is among the world’s most consumed meats), but these local butchers sell much more than that and they are repositories of information about our food, specific cuts of meat, its qualities and how to best prepare it.

They are a wealth of information — as well as meaty deliciousness — so give them your support.

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Victoria Street Market
1575 Victoria St. N, Kitchener, ON N2B 3E6

A full range of meat cuts — and a “dry-aging room” as well.

Victoria Street Market dry-aging room (Photo: WREats).

Victoria Street Market dry-aging room (Photo: WREats).

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Charles Quality Meats
Kitchener Market
St Jacobs Market

The Lobrutto brothers have among the very best lamb in the Region.

Kishki World Foods
200 Highland Rd. W, Kitchener, ON   N2M 3C2

Located on Highland near Belmont Avenue.

Kishki's halal butcher (Photo: WREats).

Kishki’s halal butcher (Photo: WREats).

Brady’s Meats & Deli
8-465 Phillip St., Waterloo, ON N2L 6C7

Located in Waterloo just a few blocks from the University of Waterloo. A great butcher — and a great Man U football fan too — Brady can tell you a lot about meats he carries from near and far.

Brady at work (Photo: Rare Republic).

Brady at work (Photo: WREats).

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Ammar Halal Meats
315 Lancaster St. W, Kitchener, ON   N2H 4V4

On Lancaster near Kypreos and Public restaurants.


Image/Ammar Halal Meats

The Bauer Butcher
150 Caroline St. S, Waterloo, ON N2L 0A5

Matt and the gang are located inside Vincenzo’s in the Bauer Buildings in this “mid-town” marche, King and Allen street area. Matt is a Stratford Chefs School grad, incidentally.

Beef aging at Bauer Butcher (Photo: Bauer Butcher).

Beef aging at Bauer Butcher (Photo: Bauer Butcher).

* * *

The Healthy Butcher
25 Bruce St., Kitchener, ON N2B 1Y4

Talk to Luke and his staff; they are butchering away tastily at The Healthy Haven, overlooking the expressway near Victoria Street. Like our other butchers, they are purveyors of a wide range of locally raised and healthy meats.

Healthy Butcher wagyu (Photo: The Healthy Butcher).

Healthy Butcher wagyu (Photo: The Healthy Butcher).

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