Socca by Artisanale Guelph

Socca by Artisanale Guelph

French country cooking is the hallmark of Artisanale restaurant, located on Woolwich Street in Guelph.

Chef and co-owner Yasser Qahawish is a cook who has the strength of his convictions at Artisanale, and he insists that his passion for French cookery and the reverence he has for proper food are delivered to his guests.

The menu changes frequently and includes à la carte and prix fixe concepts as well as family-style dining. There are also regular themed dinners and events that celebrate regions of France, seasonality and special occasions.

One dish of particular interest includes salmon roe spinach and crème fraîche (which is made by adding a fermenting agent to cream) and features socca — a street food from southern France.

Artisanale on Woolwich, Guelph (Photo: WREats).

Artisanale on Woolwich, Guelph (Photo: WREats).

Essentially a chickpea flour pancake, traditional socca is made by vendors who grill up the thin disks amid smoke and charcoal and what is created is a texture that is crispy around and edges and chewy in the centre. The chickpea means it’s gluten-free too.

On the street, the large, thin wager is sprinkled liberally with salt and pepper and given a dousing of olive oil. It is cut roughly into rustic shards or wedges, served on a napkin to sop up the oil and traditionally sipped with a cold rosé or even red wine on ice.

[ Image: Myrabella via Wikimedia Commons ]

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