Snacks to eat this weekend

Snacks to eat this weekend

Looking for a bite to eat? Here are a three suggestions for your weekend, from simple street food and pizza to a more elegant visit to an historic Galt venue.

Pizza at the new Urban Bricks — the San Antonio operation selects Waterloo and near the University of Waterloo as its first Canadian outlet.

Margherita pizza (Photo: WREats).


Chicharron — rich crisp-fried pork skin — dusted with a buttermilk-ranch coating from the folks at Cambridge Mill.

The view can be great too, so see if you can get a table that overlooks the rushing river at this historic site.

Good food, spectacular views (Photo: Cambridge Mill Facebook).


Pupusas for breakfast at Pupuseria Latinos in downtown Kitchener run by a family dedicated to serving home-style meals. Pupusas are a beloved national street food in El Salvador.

Pupusa and curtido (Photo: WREats).

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