Shaanxi food in Waterloo Region

Shaanxi food in Waterloo Region

We have unique Uyghur food in Waterloo Region (see my previous story here), and now we have a cuisine of northwestern China called Qin or Shaanxi.

While the cooking itself includes a few sub-regional styles, the pork and mutton that is traditionally found on the menu makes for heavier, richer dishes that are sour, salty, spicy and using garlic and onions like much of other Chinese cooking. There may also be more (and wide) noodle-based rather than rice-based dishes. Some of the dishes can be fairly spicy as well and in many cases, less sugar is used than in other regions.

The restaurant Rock Paper Scissors (RPS), self-described as “self-serve fruits and all-day breakfast,”  is located in the area of the University Plaza on Lester Street off of University Avenue. RPS prepares a half-dozen congees, soups such as meat ball and vermicelli, steam buns, pork patties, tomato-fried egg noodles, mian pi rice noodles (pictured above via Wikimedia Commons) and yo po mian hot oil noodles.

I haven’t yet been to RPS, so let me know if you visit.


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