Scran & Dram for a Scotch Egg (on St. Patrick’s Day)

Scran & Dram for a Scotch Egg (on St. Patrick’s Day)

It’s a luscious combination — protein-packed and satisfying: an egg, still slightly oozy-runny inside, wrapped in seasoned ground meat, breaded and then deep-fried. What else could you ask for?

The origins of the Scotch egg are speculation: a central London, U.K., grocery store claims to have created the rich-tasting dish in the late 1700s; another possible (and seemingly improbable) origin derives from Mughlai Indian cookery, interestingly enough. Printed recipes for the dish exist in formally published cookery books dated to 1809.

Scotch eggs are usually humble — and delicious — fare, but if you want to spiffy them up a bit and make them more like a Faberge egg, you can serve them as œufs à l’écossaise on puff pastry that has been covered with a salmon puree and then garnished with a shrimp sauce and a sliver of truffle. Yes, truffle.

However, the Scran & Dram Scottish Public House would not stand for such pomp and circumstance. The new Scottish pub in New Hamburg serves their “Warm Scotch Egg” thus: hardboiled farmer’s egg, sausage meat, herbed bread crumbs, scallion-mustard mayo, apple and Mountainoak cheese ($8). That is to say: the way it should be.  [Please note: the Scotch egg pictured here is not from Scran & Dram.]

Pretty damn good with a wee dram, I’d say (and especially on St. Patrick’s Day).

[Image: Ewan Munro via Wikimedia Commons]

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