Sam’s Chinese Kitchen for Heart’s Delight

Sam’s Chinese Kitchen for Heart’s Delight

Dim sum: in its origin, this Cantonese tradition is something much like Spanish tapas — small bites to refresh tired workers or weary travellers and often with a drink of tea rather than wine.

In many cities, including here in Waterloo Region, long gone are the days of trolleys wheeled about the dining room (the former King Tin in Waterloo was the last dim sum a la carte — ha ha; get it?) from which you could chose a wide variety of delicious little bites and morsels.


Pork and veg potstickers (Photo: WREats).

Those morsels are true “heart’s delight” that re-energize you. The term was once tim-sam, coincidentally enough given today’s restaurant name, until it settled in as dim sum in the 1980s. Though the phrase is literally “speck heart,” it transliterates to something so much more warm and delightful, don’t you think?

Sticky rice

Sticky rice in lotus leaf (Photo: WREats).

Sam’s Chinese Kitchen, Victoria Street at Lancaster in Kitchener, serves a smaller dim sum menu than others might, but — importantly to me — its serves dim sum all day, not just on weekends or just for lunch.

That delights many hearts indeed.

Eggplant and shrimp

Shrimp-stuffed eggplant (Photo: WREats).



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