Roti in Uptown, Jerk

Roti in Uptown, Jerk

The word roti has multiple culinary meanings, all of them delicious.

With a circumflex accent, it is rôti meaning “roast” or “roasted” in French. Add an “e” and rôtie becomes French for a toast and pâté canapé. However, in India, a roti is usually an unleavened whole wheat flour bread that is griddled-fried and finished over an open flame for mere seconds, which causes it to steam, blister and puff up beautifully.

But perhaps the best roti is that example found in Caribbean cookery — and there’s a new Caribbean joint near Wilfrid Laurier University called Uptown Jerk. The small venue at 220 King Street North, now only several weeks old, serves a host of Caribbean treats including curry chicken, curry goat, curry potato and jerk chicken roti. It’s a crêpe-like wrapper filled with luscious curried ingredients.


[Image / Uptown Jerk ]


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