Roesti potatoes: Bud’s Restaurant Kitchener

Roesti potatoes: Bud’s Restaurant Kitchener

Roesti: it’s a Swiss word that means “golden and crisp.” And, for my palate, it is a Swiss word that is best aligned with fried potatoes. Deliciously so.

Two things are important to creating perfect roesti potatoes: shredding and de-starching potatoes and then pressing them down in the pan while cooking them. The potatoes are cooked until they are crisp on one side and then flipped like a pancake and crisped on the other side.


All-day breakfast at Louisa and Weber streets (Photo: WREats).

Bud’s Restaurant on Louisa Street, just off of Weber Street in Kitchener, serves an all-day breakfast that features roesti-style potatoes that are perfect with peameal bacon and eggs.


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