Roast a ham: make split pea soup

Roast a ham: make split pea soup

Roast a big ol’ salty ham and make sure you save the bone to make split pea soup. It’s creamy and rich and full of flavour and nutrition, like any legume. It’s easy to make too.

The soup is traditionally made with split — or “field” — peas, which are grown specifically for drying. The peas then “split” naturally and bisect in the middle.

If you want to make quick and easy split pea soup, start with the bone of a roasted ham hock or ham.

Delicious, healthy, simple to make (Photo: WREats).

Delicious, healthy, simple to make (Photo: WREats).

Sauté a mire poix and chuck in your bone. Cook the mixture a bit for just a few minutes. Dump in a bag of split peas — green or yellow, it doesn’t matter. Swirl the mix around a bit over moderate heat. Cover with water.

Simmer for a couple of hours or longer (and go have a glass of wine) — just until the peas are basically liquefied. Pull out the bone and pick off the bits of meat. If you want a smoother soup, whizz up the mixture with an immersion blender, and then put the meat pieces back in again.

If you don’t to eat the soup right away, when it cools it will be very, very thick. A solid, even. You can loosen it with a bit of water when it’s time to reheat it.

I like this soup a bit thicker than most soups, as pictured here — and then I like to add a bit of sour cream.

Delicious and nutritious: great combination!


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