Really stinky grilled cheese

Really stinky grilled cheese

On occasion, I search out really stinky cheese. If it is marked down because it is waaaaay past its prime, that is even better. If it’s sooo old that there are maggots crawling on it, that’s a further bonus.

Rot means flavour … superlative and over-the-top flavour. I found some Belle Riviere cheese — I think it’s just a basic PC product, Quebec and pasteurized milk but acceptable — that was really, really ripe.

I then left it out in the garage for a couple of days before slicing it and putting it between slices of Golden Hearth currant hazelnut sourdough and grilling it toasty brown, with a terrific combination of soft and crunchy.

And stinky. That’s the way it should be.

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