On this day in wine … in 1812

On this day in wine … in 1812

If you love wine, then today will be important to you.

August 30, 1812 is the birthday of Agoston Haraszthy de Mokcsa. Who is Haraszthy de Mokcsa? Well, what he did was import nearly 1,500 grapevines to California in the early 1860s — including planting the very first major vineyard in that Mecca of wine, the Sonoma Valley.

Why is that important? Following a grape phylloxera blight that devastated most of Europe’s vineyards in the late 1850s — a disease sent to Europe from America, by the way — the new American vines, now resistant to the blight, were planted in France and Germany and helped those industries recover.

So, toast ol’ Agoston with a full-bodied California cab sauv today!


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