National Grilled Cheese Day

National Grilled Cheese Day

Name a meal that only takes three ingredients to make. Three and only three.

There certainly isn’t many that you could actually call a substantial meal. However, one classic comes to mind. The Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

Butter coated on the sides of two pieces of bread which squeeze together slices of cheese, grilled on a hot pan. Simple, cheap, and perfect.

The hot cheese flows, stretches, and drips as you take your bite. A life line connecting the two pieces of sandwich to each other. The crisp and crunchy toasted, grilled bread containing the molten cheese centre.

A grilled cheese is a simple and comforting dish. Your typical home meal or “comfort food,” the grilled cheese sandwich contains few ingredients and even less effort.

However, you can complicate it any way you wish. Adding spinach, bacon, spicy mayo, or multiple kinds of cheese adds to your luscious grilled cheese experience.

Sometimes simplicity is best.

Sometimes simplicity is best.

Or, try a different kind of bread with a new cheese. Gouda squished between rye. Gruyere and pumpernickel. The possibilities are endless as long as it is inexpensive, quick, rich, and tasty.

The sandwich is a classic dish for everyone. Cheese warmed between two pieces of bread is a traditional preparation in nearly every culture.

However, historically, the grilled cheese sandwich in its most modern form made its appearance in 1920s United States as the decline of the economy began. During this time it was served as an open-faced sandwich until the 1960s when a second layer of bread was added.

Today is National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day, so try a grilled cheese sandwich anyway you wish in celebration of this economical and scrumptious preparation. As long as its hot, gooey, and crunchy all together you are doing it right.

No matter what ingredients you use, or how generic a ketchup you dip it in, it’s still a grilled cheese sandwich. Try different breads, cheeses, and supplementary toppings to make your grilled cheese sandwich the best you can and you are sure to be satisfied.

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