Meet Sasha at Millstream Foods

Meet Sasha at Millstream Foods

Next time you are at the Kitchener Market, look for Millstream Foods.

They are a Waterloo-based company that describes themselves as a “small scale industrial processor of organic seeds, nuts and beans.” Their raw materials include hemp seeds, golden flax, cacao beans and hazelnuts. (Don’t confuse it with Millstream Natural Foods in British Columbia.)

I sampled some of their oil on a small micro-greens salad last week, as well as nibbling a little hemp nugget which was nutty and nice and had a very satisfying texture. I will likely return to the stall to try out some of their protein products to put in my smoothies.

The real story here, however, is Sasha: this kid really impressed me with his product knowledge and sales savvy and acumen — he’s smooth, confident and has just the right amount of slick to get the job done. What a refreshing moment we enjoyed talking together on a sunny Saturday market morning.

So, make sure you stop by the Millstream stand and talk to Sasha. The kid’s a wonder and the products are delicious.

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