Medical relief for Syrian kids

Medical relief for Syrian kids

The war and horror in Syria is many years old now. Airstrikes and bombing have killed and injured many innocent civilians, including children.

And so, ELM Youth Foundation in collaboration with Union of Syrian Medical Care & Relief Organizations invites you to an event to raise funds for emergency medical relief in Syria that takes place Saturday, March 24, at Forbes Hall at RIM Park beginning at 7:30 p.m.

To help out the cause, Jawad Gabra of Waterloo’s Shawerma Plus will be donating $1 from sales at the store from every shawarma plate purchased today, Friday.

“It is heartbreaking to see videos of kids dying in Syria and Ghouta in Damascus due to lack of food and medical support. I have kids myself and wouldn’t want them to suffer like that. It’s a humanitarian cause which needs worldwide attention. Our silence has to stop,” Gabra says.

If you can, visit Shawarma Plus and make a donation to help the kids.

For the event tonight at RIM, Click here for tickets. 


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