Marcelo’s “20-Layer” Lasagna

Marcelo’s “20-Layer” Lasagna

Batali at one point — before he was fined $5 million for skimming tips — created a 100-layer lasagna at his Del Posto restaurant in the meatpacking district in New York.

I mean, what’s the point? By all reports, the thing seems to have gotten very mixed reviews and amounts to nothing more than a sort of culinary parlour trick.

Marcel outside

And I think Marcel Crotoiriu of Marcelo’s Italian restaurant in Cambridge is having a bit of fun when he was playing around with a multi-layered lasagna. I’ve had one of his creations that, if I recall counting correctly, clocked in at about 20 layers or so. But that doesn’t make him a fifth the cook Batali is. The Marcelo’s lasagna is rich and meaty and with home-made pasta sheets.

Marcelo's lasagna (Photo: WREats).

Marcelo’s lasagna (Photo: WREats).

The word lasagna itself is controversial: is it from ancient Rome, Greece, England, even? There was a Roman cooking pot called a lasania which was used to cook the noodles — so this is likely a case of the equipment becoming the name for the dish itself. Any way you parse it, lasagna is terrific.

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