Lovely poultry art by “Easter Eggers”

Lovely poultry art by “Easter Eggers”

My neighbour dropped off some “Easter eggs.” But not what you are thinking, at this time of the year. These eggs are real — and they are beautiful examples of poultry art.

Originally coming from Ameraucana hens and birds from Chile, the eggs are bluish and greenish by virtue of some sort of rare “blue-egg gene.” I can’t recall all of the Mendelian biology involved, but suffice it to say that these are simply lovely manifestations of genetics at the same time they contributed nicely to a steak and egg breakfast I had yesterday. The colours the ladies produce range from white, brownish-olive, pink, and light blue eggs.

Birds not precisely and scientifically Ameraucana are often called “Easter Eggers.” People who raise them say they are lovely and gentle animals. Their eggs certainly are gorgeous.



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