Love your lupins … and get no starch

Love your lupins … and get no starch

I love these things and could snack on them 24/7.

Lupins (the white lupin) — or lupini in Italian — are legumes that have no starch. They are as high as 45 percent protein with 10 percent or so oil and 50 or so percent indigestible carbohydrates, or soluble fibre. I discovered them a decade or so ago while in Portugal watching the Euro2004 soccer championship.

The flat yellowish-white bean was being eaten as a snack by a gentleman sitting behind us in the stadium in Guimares. I heard him munching away and asked what they were. He offered me some.

To eat them, I nip off the little “nipple” with my teeth and then squeeze the shell so the interior flesh — nutty and firm — snaps into my mouth. It’s fun and delicious — and addictive.

Lupinis are available in grocery stores as well as in bulk at Peixaria Micaelense on Queen Street and Torrensee Store at Stirling and Mill.

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