Look forward to Loloan in Uptown Waterloo

Look forward to Loloan in Uptown Waterloo

Slated for an opening in early 2018, the folks from Bhima’s Warung will bring Loloan Lobby Bar (LLB) to 14 Princess Street, Waterloo.

Owner Paul Boehmer, in calling the venue “a new experience,” said that LLB will complement Bhima’s Warung and will draw on his extensive travels and experience.

“We are excited to present Loloan Lobby Bar. It will invoke memories transporting guests to a place and a time of class and craft, a culmination of travels, studies, work, friendship, life and love. Loloan, a Balinese word that is pronounced low-low-on, means ‘where the river meets the ocean.’ That make it a magical, holy place symbolizing our passion for South East Asia and love of home. I always strive to make our world a smaller and more interesting place,” said Boehmer.

The name comes from Boehmer’s former acclaimed fine dining restaurant in Bali, Indonesia, which he owned and operated for five years. His European peregrinations, along with time spent in the Middle East, included apprenticeships and training at Michelin Star chateaus and hotels. The long-standing and popular dining anchor in Waterloo Region, Bhima’s Warung, opened in 1994.

Associates in Boehmer’s new venture include Renee Lees and Josh Koehler, both integral parts of Kitchener Waterloo’s restaurant, bar and night club scene, including award winning Starlight Club and Jane Bond. Long-time manager of Bhima’s Leanne Amort and sous chef Jon Rennie are also partners in the new vision.

Loloan Lobby Bar will announce an official opening date in November. It will certainly be another welcome addition to the already vibrant food, beverage and entertainment scene in Waterloo and Waterloo Region.

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