Last Minute Fathers’ Day Food Gifts

Last Minute Fathers’ Day Food Gifts

Don’t forget fathers’ day! Here are some last minute gift ideas from area vendors.

How about a book for dad as he reclines in the hammock with a few wobbly pops? The Dorito Effect: The Surprising New Truth about Food and Flavour, Mark Schatzker (Wordsworth Books Waterloo, $35). The book looks at how our food has become flavourless and how the food industry has become a technology hub creating craveable but nutritionally empty food.

Maybe a good knife? The Culinary Studio in Kitchener offers a classic 8” Wusthof chef’s knife for $175 (with a discount). And dad can visit the Studio anytime for a crash course on how to use the new blade and keep it sharp.

There’s nothing like a good cocktail set from Household China, Waterloo: this seven-piece set includes a bar measure, cocktail stirrer, bar knife, strainer, bottle opener, ice tongs, bucket ($200). Think Manhattans and Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce and Dad.


Dad the pyro (Photo: Wikimedia Commons).

A butane culinary blowtorch is fun and practical! Sear sushi grade tuna, sprinkle a half grapefruit with sugar and cinnamon and torch your breakfast, toast marshmallows, sear prime rib and cook low and slow like Thomas Keller, make crème brulee, caramelize cheese on French onion soup, and serve dangerously good flaming shots of Sambuca to house guests! (STOP Restaurant Supply, $50).

Get dad a big black cast iron pan from Relish Cooking Studio, Waterloo. It’s the best thing ever — since 1896. A heavyweight skillet, it heats evenly and stays hot. Great for searing and browning ($20-$100).

cipollini onions at 24 Sussex 2

A near perfect cooking implement (Photo: WREats).

Finally, it’s all about the meats. Big Meats!

Brady’s Meats and Deli in Waterloo will have a few big Flintstones-sized Tomahawk ribeyes ($16/lb for 3lbs) and 28 day dry-aged baseball steaks (centre cut top sirloin; $16 a piece), as well as 50 day dry-aged ribeyes ($24/lb).

Trotter’s Guelph will have some meaty special cuts, and you might find some Tomahawks at Victoria Street Market. They also have a pretty neat dry-aging room to check out too.

Bauer Meat

Beauties from The Bauer Butcher (Photo: Bauer Butcher).

Waterloo’s Bauer Butcher will have some nice thick ribeyes  and t-bones in the $16-$28/ lb range. As well, some Ontario Wagyu striploins will be in stock ($50 / lb).

Check out The Healthy Butcher too in Kitchener.

Healthy Butcher wagyu (Photo: The Healthy Butcher).

Healthy Butcher wagyu (Photo: The Healthy Butcher).

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