JLB Janet Lynn’s Bistro takes us from Bocconcini to Cipollini

JLB Janet Lynn’s Bistro takes us from Bocconcini to Cipollini

Today, we move from bocconcini to cipollini, the latter being a cute little onion that is a member of the grape hyacinth family.

Usually small and much flatter than regular white onions, the cipollini is bittersweet and about the size of a flattened golf ball or ping pong ball — but it braises and roasts (due to the sugars it possesses) very well to release a nicely balanced flavour.

The cipollini’s flat shape and surface area allows it to brown up and caramelize wonderfully, though their papery skin makes them difficult and time-consuming to peel.

JLB serves lots of good things (Photo: WREats).

JLB serves lots of good things, including cipollini (Photo: WREats).

Also known as “wild onions,” cipollini have become increasingly popular and appear in grocery store produce sections and at farmers’ markets such as Kitchener Market. (In pop culture too: if I recall, there was a Sopranos’ character by the name of “Joey Cipollini.”)

JLB | Janet Lynn’s Bistro in Belmont Village prepares pan-seared scallops as an appetizer and serves the sweet succulent mollusks with sweet peas, smoked bacon and roasted cipollini onions, which, together, are sauced with a beurre blanc ($15).

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