Highland Blue cheese from the “Back Forty”

Highland Blue cheese from the “Back Forty”

Here’s a whopper of semi-firm blue ewe’s milk “farmstead” cheese that I enjoyed from Back Forty Artisan Cheese located in, of all places, Mississippi Station in North Frontenac township. That’s in eastern Ontario.

This is a tangy, natural-rind cheese loaded with flavour, about six inches in diametre, and about 5 pounds. It’s hefty in taste with terrific bluish-green veins (which are strikingly visible from the inoculation) and a deep, creamy off-white paste. Cheesemakers Jenna and Jeff Fenwick named the cheese for the Scots settlers to Lanark Highlands.

This wonderfully rich cheese has an earthy, mineral quality to it and enough salt to suggest that I try it with a beer, which had it working as a pairing much better than with wine.

I got the cheese from C’est Cheese Please! in Galt, Cambridge.


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