Halloumi Cheese at Kypreos Restaurant

Halloumi Cheese at Kypreos Restaurant

Perhaps one of the world’s most versatile cheeses, halloumi is a popular Mediterranean creation that has been part of the culinary landscape since at least the third century.

Having possibly originated in Cyprus, halloumi might remind of mozzarella — it is tightly compacted cheese, salty and firm that has a texture that gives with some resistance to the bite. In fact, it is safe to say that it is a pleasing “squidgy-squeaky” cheese when you chew it. When purchased, it might often come flecked with bits of mint, as tradition dictates.

Brined but unripened, halloumi is a semi-firm cheese usually made from goat’s and sheep’s milk; it’s unusual in that the milk is not inoculated with a culture. It doesn’t melt, so to speak: it is one of the cheeses that can be used for the conflagration that is the Greek dish saganaki. Fried on a flat-top in pan, it caramelizes very nicely for great flavour and texture.

Although several restaurants serve the cheese, you can sample halloumi at Kypreos Restaurant on Lancaster Avenue, Kitchener.

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