Grilling — and gilding — the daylily

Grilling — and gilding — the daylily

Arron Carley, recent Chopped Canada winner and chef at The Bruce Hotel, Ont., in Stratford, has of late started offering tasting menus, one of which included the foraged ingredient daylily. These are perennials that you might have in your garden — and they’re edible.

And delicious.

Daylily amuse by Bruce Hotel (Photo: WREats).

Carley grilled the daylily, added garlic mustard and ramp dressed with a green garlic oil. The dish — a lovely, picturesque amuse — also had a coltsfoot (a member of the daisy family) vinegar gel along with wild violets and fermented Japanese knot weed.

Beautiful to look and how interesting and delicious to eat.




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