Good Customer Service Means A Lot

Good Customer Service Means A Lot

Good customer service means a lot. Especially in a restaurant setting.

I dropped in to Ennio’s Kitchener recently and on a relatively busy night. Now, I don’t go there often, so I’m not a regular; they don’t know me from Adam. Yet, every now and then I search out a plate of pasta and gravy. You know: everyone craves a red sauce. So, we happened to be near Ennio’s and in we went.

We ordered. One plate comes: great. My plate comes: ooops. Correct maccheroni but wrong sauce.

I do love Bolognese (Photo: WREats).

I do love Bolognese (Photo: WREats).

Is it a big deal? No, not really.

But here’s what I’m thinking: maybe this pasta was meant for another tavola? So I say to the waitress — a very pleasant waitress — “This is the right pasta but not the sauce I ordered.” Said pleasant waitress is immediately shocked and, with an apology, reaches for the plate to whisk it away (certainly the right thing to do) and put in an order for the correct dish.

I respond, with a laugh: “Oh no! Don’t worry about it. This is just fine.” And it was just fine.

We ate. We drank. We conquered a couple of glasses of vino, some bread and some enjoyable pasta.

This is where it gets really good, though: the bill is dropped — and with it a one-litre of the Bolognese sauce that I had ordered for me to take home to use at a later time. It was a great recompense for what was a very minor mistake. But good service means a lot.

Bravissimo Ennio’s!


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