Get your Wellies on for fall

Get your Wellies on for fall

The damp, the rain, the leaves and the cool weather: it’s fall.

But fall can also mean some interesting and delicious beer flavours, including a new batch of beauties by the folks at Wellington Brewery in Guelph. The brewery opened in 1985 and has grown significantly while maintaining consistently high-quality and delicious beer.

Welly Re-booted Mix Pack Vol. 5 (kinda sounds like the Big Shiny Tunes CD I had back then) includes some big, spicy and warming flavours that I think are perfect for this time of year.

Candle Burner is a cold brew coffee IPA that sits at 6.2% ABV. It uses Ethiopian coffee from Planet Bean in Guelph and has a firm but not overly firm hoppy note.

This is a big boy that’s delicious: Imperial Russian Stout (8%). Rich, creamy and black as night, Wellington has built a coffee-chocolate-Maillard reaction body to the stout, but it’s still smooth–and perfect for in front of the fire. At least for me.

With Chinook hops, Ice Eater Pale Ale, at 5.2%, has a toasty-bready quality and that pine resin kind of “smartness” in the mouth, as I describe it. I liked this beer a lot.

Finally, and this is the cool one, Spice Odyssey is a Chai Latte Stout (7%) that has an equally cool story: Queen of the Craft created the idea for beer and brewed it with black tea and the chai spices that you expect in the cold months: cloves, cinnamon, allspice, cardamom and ginger.

Best of all? A portion of sales proceeds from the Spice Odyssey take their own journey to support the Guelph-Wellington Women in Crisis organization. Nicely done!

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