Get your Freekeh on at Shawerma Plus

Get your Freekeh on at Shawerma Plus

Freekeh, or farike, is unripe green wheat that is roasted to singe off the tough husks. It is something quinoa-like in its renaissance and renewed popularity. It can have a tremendously delicious smokey and nutty flavour, and, according to chef and writer Yottan Ottolenghi, can be “addictive.”

Folks in the Middle Eastern have been eating the grain for thousands of years, as a stuffing, for use in pilaf-style dishes, and in soups.

There is of course an origin-myth about freekeh that dates to 2500 BCE. Worried about losing their crops and starving during tribal hostilities, people hurriedly picked green heads of wheat to preserve their food source when it appeared that the village was about to be raided and set fire to. When the green wheat was partially burnt, the farmers tried desperately to salvage the damaged crop by rubbing off the burned portions of the grain: they then marvelled that that is was both edible and delicious; hence, we have “freekeh,” which means “rubbed.”

Now, where to get it in a restaurant in Waterloo Region?

Well, tucked in just off of King Street, across from the Laurier Athletic Centre, is Shawerma Plus. The popular family-run restaurant prepares friekka, which the menu describes as green wheat cooked in chicken broth and served with chicken and nuts, along with a side salad.

Freekin’ delicious, I’m sure.

[Freekeh image via Huffington Post]

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