Fritter the weekend away

Fritter the weekend away

A fritter is a chunk of vegetable, meat or fruit that is battered and deep-fried in oil. The word, which is not related to the origin of the idea “to fritter away your time,” derives from the Latin word meaning “to fry” (frigere). A fritter can be either sweet or savoury, and they therefore make excellent snacks, appetizers and desserts. 

The banner photo, above, shows fish pakoras by Nisha’s Kitchen in the Stanley Park neighbourhood of Kitchener. A variety of fritter, it’s a ubiquitous dish from the Indian subcontinent that is readily available at area restaurants.

South Indian vada fritters or “doughnuts” (Photo: WREats).

Another particularly interesting version of a fritter is the Indian vada or (vadai). Fried and savoury, the vada, often eaten for breakfast, is native to south India and is made with legumes or potatoes. It is more difficult to find than pakoras.

[Please check with individual venues for hours of operation and availability of dishes. Inclusion here is not an endorsement of the restaurant; this is merely informational (so, please, no wagering ;o) ).]

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Cambridge Mill, Cambridge (Galt)
Apricot and dark chocolate fritters with chamomile, cinnamon and vanilla.

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The Fritter Co., St. Jacobs Market
Three decades of delicious apple fritters at the farmers’ market.

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Nisha’s Kitchen, Kitchener
Fish pakoras are fish battered and seasoned with fresh herbs and spices.

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