Escovitch Soul Food By Elvis

Escovitch Soul Food By Elvis

It’s Black History Month. Formally recognizing black history in Canada began in 1995 with a motion carried unanimously in the House of Commons.

We can celebrate this rich culture that is a part of our community during February (and all year round!) through the food prepared at several Kitchener restaurants: Ellison’s Bistro, Rainbow Caribbean, East Africa Cafe and Caribbean Kitchen in the wonderful Kitchener Market.

Escabeche is a Spanish dish of poached or fried marinated fish. In Provencal, France, it is often served as a cold appetizer. Earlier in its history, it was known as iskebey, a vinegar pickle dish of Moorish origin (The Moors were Muslim inhabitants of Maghreb, the Iberian Peninsula, Sicily, and Malta during the Middle Ages — and “popularized” by a Seinfeld episode). Escabeche would have been served by 16th-century colonizers of Mexico and likely from there made its way to the Caribbean.

The Jamaican version is escovitch. That dish can be found at Ellison’s Bistro on Charles Street in downtown Kitchener. It is a market fish cooked island style and served with rice or rice and peas ($19.95).

[Image / Wikimedia Commons]

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