Enchiladas: a few places to find them in the Region

Enchiladas: a few places to find them in the Region

I love the occasional enchilada: a sweetish, earthy corn tortilla filled with meat, beans, oozy cheese, vegetables and combinations thereof. The dish is then smothered with a chili-based sauce — and the result is delicious and comfort-food satisfying.

The noun likely comes from the Spanish verb enchilar, which means to add, or season with, chili pepper. It eventually became the name of a dish filled with the ingredients. Whatever: these things are wonderful to eat with a cold beer.

You can get enchiladas at a number of places in Waterloo and Kitchener, including Taco Farm Co., Waterloo; Latinoamerica Unida, Cambridge; and Salvadoran versions at Pupuseria Latinos on Eby Street, and The Guanaquita Restaurant on King Street in the centre of downtown Kitchener.

[ Image/Mark Mitchell via Wikimedia Commons ]
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