Eggs And More Eggs

Eggs And More Eggs

Eggs are popular on restaurant menus nowadays; they aren’t just for the breakfast daypart: they are centre-of-the-plate proteins more than ever.

That might have something to do with the rapidly rising cost of meat, but it is also just as likely as more dishes like bibimbap and kimchi bokumbap are out there on menus and are joining the mainstream of restaurant dishes from other cultures. And that is a very good thing.

Classic steak tartare might include a runny quail egg yolk (and possibly raw) too. A Waterloo Region restaurant also does a classic egg with a twist: it’s pickled with hot pepper and a cilantro-whipped yolk and served with warm pork belly.

The above photo is a panko-crusted deep-fried egg that not only garnishes the pillowy pasta beneath but adds to the creamy richness of the dish in an important way.

For more about this egg, visit Waterloo Region Eats’ “Restaurant Report” this Friday.

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