Eatdrink mag comes to Region

Eatdrink mag comes to Region

Eatdrink magazine has arrived in Waterloo Region and Wellington County.

The neat and compact publication has served the communities of London and Stratford and much of southwestern Ontario with entertaining and enlightening stories about the finer aspects of eating and drinking since 2007. A new “sister” edition for Waterloo Region and Wellington County has now made its debut, bringing a fresh look to this exciting and growing culinary scene.

Premier issue includes a story about Lancaster Smokehouse (Photo: WREats).

The magazine is printed bimonthly in both markets, and the website is updated frequently in order to stay fresh, current to the season and timely with the news. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are also critical cogs in how Eatdrink gets out the news, according to publisher Chris McDonell.

A flight of Ontario wines toasting Eatdrink’s appearance on the dining scene (Photo: WREats).

“We want to profile the exciting businesses and vibrant personalities that populate our region, offer wonderful recipes, recommend interesting products and share great stories and information,” says McDonell.

The magazine offers a free and enhanced digital version in order to share more information than print allows. Every story is also available separately online, and back issues are archived and searchable. Eatdrink is also easy to pick up — but hard to put down, according to McDonell. Free hard copies are available for pickup at hundreds of locations including select farmers’ markets, hotels, theatres, tourist information sites, libraries, restaurants, cafes and other food and drink businesses.

“Our magazine and website offer concrete evidence of the rich culinary culture of our region,” McDonell says. “We embrace creativity, authenticity, talent, diversity, excellence, value and enthusiasm. An amazing team of writers reflects our community. Some hail from professional kitchens, some have international credentials and some are passionate amateurs, but all are committed to telling interesting stories and telling them well.”

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