Duck, Duck … Muscovy at TWH Social

Duck, Duck … Muscovy at TWH Social

If you like duck, you are probably eating descendants of one of two major breeds: the familiar green-headed mallard and muscovy.

The muscovy duck, or greater wood duck, is a native of the west coast of Central and South America, but it has established itself well in the United States and in parts of Canada. It differs from other ducks in its lesser degree of fat, larger size and stronger flavour.

While the name has nothing to do with an area around Moscow (and it is unclear how the name came to be applied to the water fowl), the duck is a delicious dish: TWH Social at the Walper Hotel in Kitchener prepares a muscovy duck breast with baked bean and Brussels sprouts cassoulet ($28).

[Image: B. Walker via Wikimedia Commons]


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