DailyDish: Po’boy at Lancaster Smokehouse

DailyDish: Po’boy at Lancaster Smokehouse

A species in the class American hero, the po’boy (poor boy) is a sandwich using a small, oblong loaf-style bun, such as a baguette, to hold various ingredients. The sandwich is usually given the birth place of Louisiana.

Po’boys are meat sandwiches — beef or fried seafood — that are usually nicely sloppy (and delicious) to eat. The origin myths of the sandwich are legion, one of which involves New Orleans restaurateurs providing a cheap (as in free) and quick sandwich to city transit workers who were on strike in the late 1920s.

They are often prepared with tomatoes, mayonnaise, pickles, and some sort of mustard or hot sauce.

Five-sammie po'boy menu (Photo: WREats).

Five-sammie po’boy menu (Photo: WREats).

The Lancaster Smokehouse has a menu of five po’boys, including a po’boy of the day. The Lanc’s popcorn shrimp po’boy ($14) is served with another classic Louisiana preparation, drawn from ancient French cookery, rĂ©moulade, a mayo-based sauce that might be traditionally made with capers, gherkin pickle bits and often anchovies.

Please note pending some service interruptions at the Lanc for renovations in May; check the restaurant’s website for details.


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