Curds ‘n’ Whey ‘n’ Poutine

Curds ‘n’ Whey ‘n’ Poutine

Little Miss Muffet ate her curds and whey, but I’ll bet she didn’t know it was cow stomach too.

When it coagulates, milk separates into an essentially solid portion — curd — and a milky, watery liquid — whey. With the addition of rennet, the milk proteins bind together to form curd (also known as perfect little chunks for adding to poutine).


Cheese curds on poutine (Photo: WREats).

Rennet contains rennin, an enzyme which is found in a cow’s fourth stomach, the abomasum. I imagine there are cheeses with abomasum enzymes but as well lots of other cheeses made with bio-engineered rennets, for better or worse.

That said, I’ve got my curds ‘n’ poutine, so I’m off to see if I can find myself a tuffet, whatever that is.

[ Curd and whey photo / Wikimedia Commons. ]
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