As a day celebrating croissants approaches (but aren’t all days worth that celebration?), here’s a bit about croissants.

National Croissant Day is either January 30 or 31, depending on your source, so celebrate with a good croissant from Golden Hearth Baking Company of Kitchener or Ambrosia Pastry Co. of Waterloo. The croisssant only appeared on the scene in the late 1880s, and wasn’t picked up by French bakers until the 1920s (it’s origin is not French, in fact).

Flour, milk, yeast and butter — a wonderful layer of butter — make up the croissant, which experiences minimal kneading but lots of folding or turns.

The ingredients are simple enough; mastery of the technique is what counts in making a good croissant. The combination of butter layer and repeated folding of the dough before baking results in many light layers which “dry out,” essentially, and form fluffy flakes and a relatively moist, buttery and sweet interior. Croissants and a good cup of coffee: there’s nothing better on a Saturday morning!

Tune in to CBC Kitchener-Waterloo 89.1-FM this Friday morning at 7:40 a.m. to hear more about croissants.

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