Craft Cider Week Starts May 30

Craft Cider Week Starts May 30

Ontario Craft Cider Week is May 30 to June 6 and cider is delicious.

Ontario cider production is on the rise, from Collingwood and all the way to Prince Edward County, according to Ontario Craft Cider Association (OCCA).

“As the leading organization representing craft cider producers in Ontario,” says OCCA, “we aim to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and to further the discussion on matters relating to cider in Ontario. Our mission is to ensure that Ontario is recognized as a centre for cider excellence and innovation!”

Apparently, cider is Ontario’s fastest growing segment of beverage alcohol over the past two years. “Unfortunately,” adds the OCCA, “much of that growth is coming from imported and mass produced products.”

Craft cider under the auspices of OCCA regulations is a fermented beverage made from 100 percent Ontario-grown apples and pears (the latter of which fermented beverage is also called perry).

And we have a lot of apples in Ontario (and Waterloo Region) with which to celebrate, too:

  • 1,223 apple orchards in Ontario cover 15,985 acres;
  • 279,105,000 lbs. of apples are produced annually;
  • By 2018, OCCA members will be using about 22,750,000 lbs. of Ontario apples making up about ten percent the entire harvest.
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