Chickpeas and pasta bridge geographic differences

Chickpeas and pasta bridge geographic differences

I made this delicious and satisfying linguine dish last night: chickpeas with a host of onion, celery-leaf, cumin, turmeric, cilantro, garlic and tomato goodness. The recipe called for freekeh, but I didn’t have that and found some farro from previous use instead.

The dish I made was an adaptation of one that comes from the interesting Timna restaurant in New York City — the name of the restaurant comes from the name of geographic regions in both Israel and Yemen (you can do the math and figure out what is achieved in that pairing).

Being of some Sicilian back-a-ground, the ceci — chickpea — has a certain familial allure for me. Soak a cup of them (the chickpeas, not my family) and a cup of farro in water overnight and then the next day you bung the ingredients together and let them stew for a couple of hours. In the last eight minutes or so, drop in some fresh pasta and simmer it slowly until cooked through but still al dente.

What you get fairly simply is a terrifically flavourful veg dish (though I used chicken stock) that can feed a family and give you some leftovers for the next day — as well as a sense of realpolitik.

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