Chef team rocks the 100 Mile Feast

Chef team rocks the 100 Mile Feast

In an event called “Bites of Brazil,” a team of cooks and restaurateurs from the Region worked together last night to serve five courses of Brazilian-inspired food to raise money for the Greater KW Chamber of Commerce’s Physician Recruitment initiative to help make sure the growing Waterloo Region has the doctors and healthcare personnel it needs.

While the food for the “100 Mile Feast” was great, what was also inspiring to see was local chefs — many of whom had never met each other — working together to prepare and serve over 140 plates for patrons and guests.

It looked like they were enjoying themselves, and the guests at the Delta Waterloo were assuredly enjoying sampling dishes from six different restaurants that drew on a wide range of local products, different techniques and individual approaches to cooking and food.

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From left: Ross

Team of chefs plating (Photo: WREats).

Jerit Raney and his crew from Proof Kitchen and Lounge prepared a number of churrasco-style dishes including picanha, smoked fish fritters and lamb kabobs — and more — during the reception.

Jonathan Gushue from The Berlin KW in Kitchener served a perfect appetizer — cold and acidic with a bit of spicing heat that teased the palate —  in hot-smoked Georgian Bay whitefish rillettes with sweet corn and trout roe.

Jody O’Malley and Kirstie Herbstreit from The Culinary Studio created a delicious pork belly dish on a subtle coconut cream with black beans and delicious cube of confit pumpkin.

Ryan Murphy and Emily Schlieper of Public Kitchen and Bar prepared an inventive trout “moqueca” and pickerel dish in hearty broth.


Flan prep (Photo: WREats).

Nick Benninger of Uptown Waterloo’s Taco Farm Co. served a sun-dried beef belly with layers of flavours of beans, garlicky collards and roasted cassava flour inspired by Natalie Benninger’s Portuguese and Brazilian background. It captured the essence of a home-cooked meal with elevated execution and range.

Finally, Paula Ross of Community Support Connections — Meals on Wheels and More sent guests into a bit of tizzy with a magical Eby Manor Golden Guernsey milk flan with cachaca caramel and sorbet and a very cute mini-candied apple that was eaten whole.



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