Cevaps in Waterloo Region

Cevaps in Waterloo Region

Is it my imagination, or are cevaps becoming more popular in Kitchener? These tasty, simple sausages seem to be more and more prevalent in restaurants around the city.

Virtually a national dish in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia, cevaps (or their cute-sounding diminutive cevapcici) are small, skinless sausages usually made from a mixture of beef and pork and a variety of spices.

They are popular throughout the Balkans and likely originated in that region of the world as long ago as the 14th century. A couple of Serbian towns, like Niš, the country’s third largest city, hold festivals which showcase the meaty morsel and the culture that goes with it.

Often served with raw onions, some sour cream or cream cheese called kaimak (which is absolutely delicious), and a thick red pepper sauce called ajvar, cevaps can be found here in Waterloo Region (and especially Kitchener) at J & B Family Restaurant on Victoria Street near Duke, Grillhouse on Weber Street at Montgomery, and at Veslo Family Restaurant on Arnold Street, just off Lancaster. There are even cevaps on the menu at White Rabbit in downtown Waterloo — which was quite a nice surprise to see.

The Danciu family also prepares cevaps at their food stand, Simply Delicious, upstairs at the Kitchener Market. There, it has the family’s Romanian take on the dish with a fifty percent ground pork and fifty percent ground beef composition along with garlic and seasonings including thyme. They frequently make the cevap mixture in a large batch and hand-crank them through a sausage machine before grilling them.

So, like the many versions of El Salvadoran pupusas you can find in Kitchener, you can now add cevaps to your list of hidden culinary taste treats here in the region.

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