Carpe diem with carpaccio

Carpe diem with carpaccio

Seize the moment this weekend with a bit of raw meat.

Carpaccio, the dish of thinly shaved raw beef drizzled with olive oil and lemon juice and garnished with capers and perhaps onions, at least in its traditional preparation, makes for a refreshing appetizer.

The dish has an Italian name, but its exact origin is indistinct. One version of the dish, and the myth that it began with a power outage necessitating some creativity in the kitchen, is thought to be Harry’s Bar in Venice in the 1950s. That certainly sounds good, but …

Regardless, we have some good versions of the dish in Waterloo Region; below are three selections for this weekend.

[As always, please check with individual venues for hours of operation and availability of dishes.]

Red House, Waterloo
Beef tenderloin, arugula, Manchego cheese, radish, capers, white anchovy aioli.


JLB: Janet Lynn’s Bistro, Kitchener
Organic greens, shaved Parmesan, almond pimento aioli, sherry vinaigrette.


Proof Kitchen | Lounge, Waterloo
Striploin crudo with pickled red onions, honey mushrooms, baby seedlings, Kozlik’s triple crunch mustard and Grana Padano.

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