Carbonara: meat grilled over charcoal

Carbonara: meat grilled over charcoal

Pasta comes umpteen ways to your table: alfredo, arrabbiatta, con vongole. But a favourite — and it’s a style that I’d like to see more in Waterloo Region restaurants — is carbonara.

The Roman dish traditionally consists of noodles (often spaghetti), eggs, some cream, Parmigiano Reggiano and bits of pork, either bacon, prosciutto or guanciale. The eggs and pork, to my mind, are the kicker.

The ingredients are simple enough to put together — but the trick is to have a creamy, silken, eggy sauce without it becoming scrambled. The result, when executed properly, is delicious.

From an etymological perspective, carbonara as it applies to food possibly comes from an Italian word for “coal” — and, hence, that the meat portion of the dish was grilled over a charcoal fire. In Italy, la carbonnade is an old and traditional dish. 

You can get a carbonara at Kitchener’s Casa Rugantino, located in Belmont Village.

[ Image: Luca Nebuloni via Wikimedia Commons ]
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